The Lookout Cottages: History

Formerly called The Victorian Gardens, the Lookout Cottages are under new management and ownership.

The Lookout Cottages sit within what used to be a large walled Victorian garden, which provided fruit and produce for the kitchens, and flowers for the ornamental gardens of the nearby Cressbrook Hall. The tall walls that surround the cottages lend a special enclave-like feel and the southerly aspect, ideal for growing vegetables, is also ideal for basking in the sun and soaking up the views. The cottages boast expansive views over Water-cum-Jolly and the River Wye. We think that the view from the patios is about as good as it gets anywhere in the world!

Cressbrook hall is close by the cottages. It is now a private residence.

The new owners (Tom, Kath and Tim), are delighted to welcome you to the Lookout Cottages. We are in the process of renovating and modernising and would be very grateful for your helpful feedback.